Stars in Coma

Since its formation in 2006, André Brorsson and his Stars in Coma has released a prolific stream of albums and EPs, and toured several countries in Europe. The Malmö, Sweden-based band’s productions, spanning seven full length albums to date, draw inspiration from a variety of genres, including guitar rock, disco, funk and electronic pop. The band’s latest full-length album, the personal The Confessional Sun, was released in 2014 to rave reviews in both native Sweden and abroad. In the fall of 2017, André plans to release two new albums, Escapist Partisans and Defunct Summer.

US indie music site Obscure Sound has called the band’s sound a mixture between “ABBA’s orchestra-laden and punchy pop to the idiosyncrasies of contemporary Swedish songwriters, like Jens Lekman and Eric Berglund,” while the She Turns the Tables music blog described them as a combination of “surf rock era Beatles, low fi bedroom ballad of Montreal, extraterrestrial psych rock Flaming Lips, and at times dropping a synth line you’d expect from the likes of MGMT”.


Med sina sju fullängdsalbum har Malmö-baserade Stars in Coma sedan 2005 mutat in sitt eget hörn på den alternativa popscenen. Bandet, som turnerat flitigt runtom i Europa, har det senaste året hunnit släppa sin mest personliga skiva The Confessional Sun samt gjort sin USA-debut på anrika New York Popfest. Stars in Coma, som leds av André Brorsson, blandar ABBA-liknande popmelodier med en bitterljuv ljudbild som för tankarna till både 70-talsdisco och David Bowie.

About Stars in Coma

New album Escapist Partisans out August 25! Pre-order at

Escapist Partisans out August 25. Pre-order below!

Musically, as well as lyrically, Escapist Partisans is a strikingly introspective project. People who are already familiar with André’s music know that his sense for melody never dwindles – few songwriters are as talented when it comes to composing dark hooks in the key of minor (take a listen to ”Subtraction Exercises” for example) – but on this album, the atmospheric soundscapes, the impulsive chord sequences, and the sharp twists and turns are explored at an even deeper level than ever before.

It’s like stepping aboard a meandering tour of the protagonist’s subliminal house of mirrors, in which a new, oftentimes distorted, reflection of the mind appears behind every corner. Daniel Örtegren’s strong saxophone efforts, such as in "Ten Years", create associations to the musical theme of Taxi Driver, during which the audience follows Travis Bickle’s slow mental demise against the backdrop of a New York City in atrophy.

"I do not know what I'm writing about, but it seems to be about my selfish struggle," Andre laments in "The Victorian Sinkhole." It's about irrepressible inner voices, a narcissistic game that more often than not escalates into claustrophobia inside the subject’s head. As we approach the last track on the album, "Chalet Saudade", there’s a sudden turn, however: "I woke up to a harsh reality, not to all those stories you told me a long time ago." An awakening from the mental chaos takes place, as our hero’s gaze suddenly turns away from the psychotic – towards a society that can no longer be ignored.

-Moonport Recordings

1. Miles Away

2. Dream Up My Future, Child

3. Subtraction Exercises

4. The Victorian Sinkhole

5. Escapist Partisans

6. Ten Years

7. Traumatized Goods

8. A Sea of Fuckups

9. Porcelain Ducks

10. Chalet Saudade

The release will be available on limited edition cassette and digital formats.